Isozaki clock jewel shop

To one to which it is ordered from foreign countries out of Japan

-Payment method-


The method of paying an overseas customer adopts PAYPAL in our shop.

Correspondence money becomes following 19 money.

USA$,Euro,Pound,Canadian$,Australia$,New Zealand$,Hong Kong$,Singapore$,Swiss franc,
Swedish krone,Danish Krone,Norwegian Krone,Hungarian forint,Czech Republic koruna,
Porrandozroti,Israeli shekel,Mexican peso

What is PayPal?

It is possible to use a credit card online and to pay safely and easily.
It need not inform our shop of the number of the credit card.
The remittance to our shop is free.

To an official site PAYPAL→

-Delivery method-

I will send sending out by JAPAN POST SERVICE-Express Mail Service(EMS)-.

I will guide sending out.

We will understand the delivery situation of ordered goods because it will report the tracking
number with mail with the guide of sending out after it pays with PAYPAL.

The delivery situation is understood when retrieved.


I will do the size mending of the metal band and send it.
Please measure the wrist surroundings with the paper tape etc. to adjust to an accurate size,
and inform how many cm it to me.

I will serve the wrapping for the present.
The color of the wrapping paper can be chosen.
Please choose from four colors (The green color,The yellow color,The purple color,The wine color).
The ribbon puts on to the wrapping paper can be chosen. (eight all kinds of ribbons)

It presents one goods without omission to the person who purchases the wristwatch.
Please choose to like it from 15 present goods.

-Order receipt-

The order for the commodity is being accepted by E-mail or the Order form.

Please contact the name, the address, the telephone number, the mail address, the Product number of commodity,
and the present me when you order. (Please order in English.)

・Order receipt with e-mail・・・I will accept for 24 hours.
・Order receipt with the Order form・・・I will accept for 24 hours.
(I hope the order with mail when not operating. )
・For 'Display obligation matter concerning specific transaction' and 'Protection of
individual information (privacy policy)' of our shop ・・・
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